Beaded Bangle Bracelet Stack - You Choose Colors (NEW COLORS!)

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These are individual bangle, memory wire bracelets in fun & bright colors. I've used Fire-Polished Czech Glass Beads so they sparkle in a variety of finishes. These are the larger sized beads, measuring 6mm but they are still small (6mm is about the size of pencil eraser). Each bracelet overlaps itself about 1" so they are adjustable for any size wrist. My wrists (shown in pic) are a tiny 6" and these will accommodate up to about 8.5".

You have the option to pick a three (3) or five (5) bracelet stack. You must MANUALLY ENTER THE COLORS YOU WISH under the item once you reach THE CHECKOUT CART in SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER (SEE LAST PIC FOR DETAILS).  I have included pics of various combinations to give you ideas. 

You can also let me pick for you if you just give me a color scheme you like, just write "YOU CHOOSE" in the instructions followed by "blues" or "greens" or whatever your overall scheme is.

You may also order 2 sets and choose 6 or 10 colors respectively if you so wish. 

Colors are listed from bottom to top in pictures 2, 3, 4 & 5

1. Red Picasso

2. Red Hurricane Glass

3. Umber Vitral

4. Hyacinth

5. Yellow Picasso

6. White Picasso

7. Bronze


8. Olivine

9. Chartreuse

10. Chartreuse Vitral

11. Grass

12. Turquoise

13. Capri Blue


14. Hurricane Glass Blue

15. Sapphire

16. Iris (purple/blue slightly metallic)

17. Amethyst

18. Metallic Orchid 

19. Orchid (pale pink) 


20. Crystal & Silver

21. Sueded Gold Sapphire

22. Sueded Gold Ruby

23. Dark Topaz

24. Pale Pink Luster

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