Building a Boutique Brand

I came to building my boutique from Direct Sales. Being in direct sales, backed by a large brand with name recognition makes sales for anyone starting out much easier no matter the following. Granted, the larger the following, the easier it is to connect with more people. However, it is that brand awareness that allowed customers peace of mind that clothing was quality. 

Deciding to open my own boutique was, in essence, deciding to brand myself. Although I carry brands that are widely available and very high quality my customers haven't heard of them. They aren't as mainstream as the Direct Sales companies I have worked with. So instead of relying on a name brand to "sell" I'm relying on ME to sell. Never before has engaging with my customers, showing them how garments fit on ME, descriptions, pictures and taking the time to explain how these items fit, feel and function matter.

My customers have little to go on but what I tell them and show them. It's so important that beyond stock product photos I take the time to let them in to my life and show them what I think of a product, how a product makes me feel or look. My product descriptions go beyond basic because they have to. I'm building more than just a boutique brand - I'm building myself as a boutique owner. 

Although I have been in jewelry design, the handmade business and retail sales for over a decade, I am learning constantly. This blog is about my journey as a new boutique owner. I would love to hear from you - either as a fellow boutique owner or customer. Please feel free to add your comments! Thank you!

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